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Interior design online - Decorate your home with different furniture and details

We at BVN Design love unique interior design, it is our passion to hand-pick an assortment with carefully selected furniture and details for the home. With us, there is that furniture that stands out from the crowd and makes a mark on your home, if you do not find what you are looking for, we can make that furniture for you in our furniture studio on Lidingö. We invest in carefully selected in front of a variety and mix interesting and original furniture, details and interior design. We are constantly looking for the slightly odd, sometimes worn and beloved that we renovate in the studio and of course beautiful objects. This is mixed with timeless classics.

Decorate your home

Choose the decor you like to create a home you love. We advocate having your own style and we value authentic emotions over passing trends. We want you to love your home and thrive there. Do not hold back, dare to go your way. Furnishings should be pleasurable and personal. Choose from furniture and interior details with us at Filling Interiör & Design. We have plenty of original furnishings and they make themselves a good detail as well as in the whole home.

Decorate with quality

We like quality and what stands out from the crowd. At Filling Interiör you will find details, luxurious materials, high quality craftsmanship and our own design that enhances the feeling of luxury and flair.

We supply seating furniture, tables, lamps, decorative objects, carpets, interior details, pillows, fluffy rugs and much more.

Every week we replenish the range of unique furnishings and furniture. All products we sell are always carefully selected, our ambition is to find the unique. We have furniture and interior details that you will have a hard time finding elsewhere, several products are designed in-house and we create many pieces of furniture from style furniture in all designs. We are passionate about recycling and perform repairs, painting, upholstery and upholstery. Our furniture has a timeless design and quality that will last for many years to come. Our absolute interior design favorites remain in the range and at the same time we bring in new designs.

Do not hesitate to contact us if there is something special you are looking for but which you have not yet found here in the web shop. We are happy to help you find or create what you are looking for!